Quick Reaction Force a military unit capable of responding rapidly to emergency situations.

Quick Reaction Foundation (QRF) serves the over-looked and under-served needs of special operation warriors and their families, by providing immediate solutions for their health, welfare and maintenance.


Est. July 4, 2014
(a 501c3 Approved Public Charity)

About the QRF Logo:

  • QRF” speaks loudly to service members as a reliable support network, while honoring those who have passed serving in a Quick Reaction Force capacity.
  • The 54 stars surrounding the QRF eagle represent the men who died aboard Extortion 17 (August 6, 2011) and Turbine 33 (June 28, 2005), when their helicopters were shot down by enemy fire.
  • The QRF eagle is symbolically lifting the cross that many bear having served our great Nation. The cross is designed after the US military chaplain cross as a symbol of faith and not a specific religion.
  • The eagle’s head is bowed as a reminder that humility is the true measure of strength.
  • The medical and supply symbols represent the QRF mission.

In July 2014, we set out to build a world class platform for giving based on four core values:

  • Adapt and react quickly to over-looked and under-served needs
  • Maximize Giving by Minimizing Costs; 99.7% of donations (to date) go to the mission
  • Serve as a bridge between spec op warriors (and families) and leading private sector resources
  • Act as quiet professionals leveraging relationships and reputation to effect change

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