One of our core values is to “Maximize Giving by Minimizing Costs.”  To date, 99.7% of donations directly benefit the mission programs below. In addition, all professional services (legal, accounting, tax) have been generously donated (in-kind) by the Nation’s leading practitioners.

The QRF does not administer or provide medical advice, treatment, medication, procedures, surgery, services or otherwise. The QRF serves as a bridge between spec op warriors (and families) and elite private sector resources. Participants decide freely and independent of the QRF to receive services.


Patriot M.D.

Decades of combat and training have taken a physical toll on our Nation’s elite special operation warriors. Program participants (which can include family) may receive, front of the line privileges and free of charge (if lacking insurance), life-improving medical services from patriotic doctors and healthcare systems. The QRF covers the non-medical expenses for participants and their families (i.e. travel, lodging, meals, etc.).

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Golden Giving

The death of an elite special operations warrior causes many family hardships, some of which will go under-resourced. In close coordination and inline with the culture and ethos of the special operations community, the QRF actively supports Gold Star (combat or training deaths) and Surviving (non-combat related death) families of special operation warriors with their health, welfare, and maintenance during trying times.


Military Medicine and Sciences

QRF facilitates the inclusion of special operation warriors in select medical research and training programs. These findings are intended to help educate, train and enhance the future capabilities and quality of life of the special operations community and medical community at large.

We have partnered with leading neuroscientists from Methodist Healthcare and other fine institutions to characterize the historical, cognitive, neural and genetic attributes of top performers and their spouses including world leaders, executives, and special operation warriors.

In addition, we are working with the neuroscientists to study, diagnose, and treat hormonal deficiencies (like low testosterone) that result from concussions and other brain trauma in special operation warriors.

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